Founded in 1871 as a Gyunabe-ya(a beef hot-pot restaurant),
Kakiyasu enjoys the good reputation of a company that has been established formore than 140 years.

As a general food company covering various eating styles such as eating-out,
home-meal replacement, home cooking and so on, we so far have been developing a variety of ventures in fields such as dressed meat, restaurants, delicatessen, Japanese confectionery, and processed food.


Truly valuable products are provided at Kakiyasu as a lomg-established meat store.
Begining with Matsusaka beef known as “An artwork of meat” which holds domestic top-class share, we offer a large of beef, pork, and chicken like “Kakiyasugyu” and “Premium Agu” originally branded by Kakiyasu Honten to satisfy various customer needs.

We provide dressed meat at the highest under through management of our own factory and consistent which covers everything from production to processing and sales.

Original brand “Kakiyasu beef”

Meat with a smooth and delicate texture attributed to safe feed, original fattening methods and restricted production area.

Original brand “Premium Agu”

High quality meat with a sweet taste and soft texture, raised in natural pasture of Okinawa selected by Kakiyasu.


Matsusaka beef of the highest quality can be found at our hige grade Japanese-style restaurants presented with a range of cooking methods such as Sukiyaki or Shabu-shabu. Please enjoy spending a moment in a place perfectly combines both a sense of traditional Japan and modernity.

Japanese, Chinese or western creative cuisine served at buffet style restaurants.
From main dish to dessert, wide-ranging recipes that use seasonal ingredients are prepared by a first-class chef.

The discerning hamburger steak restaurants of a well-established meat store, Kakiyasu.
Casual menu for families available here.


Western and Chinese-style delicatessen is prepared and showcased by professional cooks with seasonal ingredients.
Not only the taste but also the appetizing and colorful appearance of the cuisine which carries a sense of the season is focused on.


The Japanese confectionery business of Kakiyasu.
Traditional Japanese confectionery familiar to Japanese families such as “Ohagi”, “Dango”, “Daifuku” are provided using time-honored recipes corresponding to the season.
It has so far received favorable reviews saying that one can easily enjoy the products at home and has rapidly grown to 150 stores nationwide.